Ghosts... They're real, right?

Of course they are!

What, don't you believe me? Well, "lah-de-frggin'-dah" for you! Then maybe you wouldn't mind shooing the tormented spirit of Katrina away for us. Many have tried only to be lost in the maze of crumbling rooms and cobwebs.

You'll probably come up with some excuse like, "I gotta wash my hair" but, I know the real reason is that you're just chicken. (Go ahead, prove me wrong.) I've been told that the Dwelling "isn't scary, it's just haunted". Whatever that means. Certainly you've got a few friends (8-12 "brave-ish" ones) who aren't afraid of a little ghostly activity... right? I am sure none of it is 'real' anyway. ('Not' sure.)

They say Katrina was murdered, her corpse severed and hung in the walls where it remains to this day. (I am probably certain that this might be a possible exaggeration of a story originating from a . . . I don't really know where it started but, I think you can find out by using one of them spirity-talkin' things, you know, an Ouija board?

If you think you're courageous enough, bring some ghost-busting friends and take a shot at freeing Katrina's trapped spirit from the Dwelling. Bring a group of 8-12 because, . . . well you know what happens in the movies when only a 'few' show up at a haunted mansion, right? They fail miserably, of course! I have heard there are hidden staircases, lofts, attics and secret rooms. (Some that you'll have to crawl through, even.) Grab your EMF ghost detector and book your séance in the Dwelling. Hurry though, space is limited and people keep 'disappearing'.

The Dwelling

(60 Minute Escape Manor House)

The Dwelling:  Silence can be Deadly: You’ve been chosen to banish the spirits from an old Manor House with a violent past… only it appears that the spirits have their own idea of who is going to be banished. Can you gather your wits and escape in time? Designed and built to compete with the best Escape Games in the world, this premium escape adventure will dazzle your senses and thoroughly test your wits. This Dwelling requires everyone to use stairs, stoop or bend sharply at the waist and is not recommended for the elderly, anyone with a heart condition or along in pregnancy or susceptible to seizures.

Number of Players: 8-15, minimum of 5
Difficulty: Medium/High
Completion rate: 22%
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $32 pp
Ages: Designed for Adults. Kids 10-16 can participate with adults.