Now is the perfect opportunity to change sides in the Bank Heist, where you're not only taking a diamond, but potentially acquiring more valuable loot.

Every successful heist comes with its own set of challenges.

You must outsmart alarm systems, eliminate your digital traces, and make a clean getaway before law enforcement arrives. By playing strategically, you can earn extra time to fill your pockets; however, acting impulsively may result in significant deductions from your rewards. Do you believe you can commit a crime without facing consequences? Let's find out.

Think cracking a high tech bank vault is as simple as exiting one?

You're in for a surprise!

Protected by 6 robust steel bars plunged into dense chunks of metal, this door isn't budging without a fight. It's going to take the correct biometrics, cracking the secret codes of the lock, and a VIP pass to the secret electronics bay hidden within the bank to get a peek inside.

Think you can crack the cash vault for some extra loot after bagging the diamond, or are you a one-task wonder? You're not just swiping a shiny rock, you're choreographing a ballet of precision and strategy. Will the alarm bells ring their jarring tune?

If so, got a plan to soothe those jangling nerves?

Will you leave behind any clues, or will you ghost out, leaving the cops scratching their heads? And what about your getaway? Make sure it's not a tricycle! Your decisions are the directors of your destiny here. So choose wisely, my audacious friend, your adventure depends on it.

Points for this game are based on numerous factors

Including the specific paths that you choose, how you go about defeating any countermeasures and what loot you got away with in a timely manner. Plus many other factors not listed here.

Our Newest Escape Room - Bank Heist

Bank Heist: This is not your typical game where you must meet every requirement to win. You have the freedom to select your own path and outcomes, but choose wisely. If your escape plan is not as well-executed as the diamond you're stealing, you could find yourself trading your loot for handcuffs and an unattractive orange jumpsuit

Number of Players: 5-8, minimum of 4
Difficulty: Medium
Completion rate: TBD
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $32pp
Ages: Designed for Adults. Kids 10-16 can participate with adults.