Team Building

The Michigan Escape Games Team Building Program improves social relations and defines roles within teams. In a high-pressure situation, teams become more engaged as they rely on each other to solve puzzles with the common goals of completing their assigned mission and escaping the room.

Participants in Team-building activities at Michigan Escape Games:
  • Align around goals by accomplishing tasks that lead to a mission.
  • Build effective interpersonal work relationships.
  • Have improved decisiveness and commitment.
  • Use team-oriented solutions to find success.


  • Can be booked online
  • Scheduling can be altered up to 2 hours difference from scheduled times listed. ┬áCall to schedule in this case.
  • Tuesdays are set aside specifically for private events!

Of all organizational activities, studies have found team development to have the strongest effect (versus financial measures) for improving organizational skills.