You ever wonder to yourself "Could my friends and I survive the apocalypse?"

Well, here's your chance to prove your worthiness.

A gang of savage underground dwellers has locked you and your battle-ready friends in a bunker where you're about to be 'prepared for later use'. (What, did you think these were for 'kids'??)

You probably shoulda listened to your uncle's 'conspiracy theories' cuz this is a 'prepper's nightmare' come true . . . only you ain't got anyone but yourselves to get you outta there before you become asphyxiated and stuffed into a cooler with the rest of the packaged 'meat'.

Final Breath is a high-challenge experience that will probably make your wimpy friends cry and your Mad Max friends pump another shell into the chamber. This basement of gaseous horrors was prepared for survivor groups of ten but, has cages and freezers for up to 14 because you'll have very little chance at all unless you've got at least 5 tough sonz-o-b**ches who've got your back for this one.

Final Breath Escape Room has limited availability and is not intended for anyone under 16.
New Family-Friendly Version Available
(No handcuffs or blindfolds) Ages 13+ with Adults

Advance bookings are required!

Final Breath (Get Out or 'Die a Horrible Death' Scenario!)

Final Breath: A ruthless crime lord finds out that you and your friends have disrupted his operation and now his cronies are going to get rid of you for good! They have taken your gang to a crazed scientist in an underground “processing facility” where his sadistic intentions leaves you locked inside with no oxygen supply. To make matters worse, other noxious gasses are being released into what little air you have left, giving you just 60 minutes to rely on your own wits and cunning to free yourselves before he returns to dispose of your contorted, lifeless bodies.

This is a premium escape room and due to the complexity, a minimum of 6 Victims is needed to attempt this room. (Many puzzles will require multiple players)



—Those under age 16 must have an appropriate number of adults accompanying them.

At least one victim should not be claustrophoblic.

Steps, bending ans crawling may be required to escape this room

Persons with physical restrictions or PTSD should consider a different adventure.

Number of Players: 8-14, minimum of 5
Difficulty: Very High - highly recommended for those with some escape room experience. (First time players will likely not escape. - or, maybe you're up for this extreme challange?)
Completion rate: low 15-20%
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $32pp
Ages: Ages: Designed for Adults. Kids 10-16 can participate with adults.