Bomb Squad Training by the seat-of-your-pants. (Or skirt, if applicable) Seems like an impossible mission but, probably not for you. (Cue the Mission Impossible background music: ♫Dat dah daa da, . . . .♪ There's nothing more exciting than showing off your Ethan Hunt skills during date-night than diffusing the big, scary time bomb to save the day in hero-like fashion. . . . Am I right? 10 seems like a lot of 'extra' fingers, anyway.

You'll get first-hand experience at short-circuiting an alarm system, bypassing security measures and impressing your significant other as the clock ticks away and you successfully complete your mission resulting in celebratory post-game dinner and/or 'snuggliness'. [Disclaimer: while unsuccessful missions may result in "certain doom", they could still potentially involve 'snuggliness'] . . You're welcome. ;-)

You, along with your support team of 1-4 secret agents, will have the opportunity to crawl through basement tunnels, decode secret messages, find hidden keys and 'possibly' get electrocuted while discovering a way to open the bomb and stop it from going all KABLAMMO! and stuff. (That's in all caps 'cuz it's probably loud-ish when that happens.)

So, brush up on your secret agent skills, (put on some really awesome sunglasses) and get over here to the Escape games in Davison to show off your agenty-like prowess. Mission Impossibly is an experience designed for small groups of up to five but is perfectly 'attemptable' by as few as two. (It's okay to have only 2, but you'd better come dressed in all-black and have a bad-a$$ attitude.) Adventures are limited so book ahead.

Mission Impossibly

Mission Impossibly:  Your team of Secret Agents must infiltrate a secret lair of international terrorists bent on exploding a device somewhere in Washington D.C. This is a premium escape room for smaller groups of 3-5 operatives, who will solve numerous challenges to defuse a Time Bomb and escape within 60 minutes! Excellent for new and experienced escapees alike!

Number of Players: 3-5, minimum of 2
Difficulty: Medium
Completion rate: 29%
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $30pp
Ages: 12 & Up. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.