There you were, on a break from work at the power station, when the lights flicker and dim. A thought zapulates through your head, "Where is my cherry slurpee?

Brain flashes of a sweet frozen drink running across the control panel followed by sparkly smoke and noizy "poppity-pops" tauntifies you and then, your surroundings plunge into an eerie darkness. . . . Oops.

Of course it's your job to troubleshoot and correctify anomalies within the reactor core but, da**it, it seems like sirens mean “evacuate the nuclear power plant before you turn into a puddle of radioactive goo.” Ok. . . Take a deep breath, put down the chips and salsa, 'hero up', and fix this before the entire neighborhood turns into a giant microwave oven.

With red emergency lights glowing, you step right past the staircase and into the elevator where you frantically press “UP” seventeen times in a row. Sure, the elevator you are in 'may' malfunction and head to the basement where it 'could' short-circuit and stop. (You don't recall THOSE safety-training videos, do you?) Now you've gotta figure out how to get to the emergency spiral stair and get into the elevator shaft above you where you'll have to gain access to the cooling systems before 'blammo!' the entire station melts straight down to “H, E, double-hockeysticks.”

Blackout escape will give you its own version of “warm fuzzies” while you're attempting to integrate the cooling thingamabobs into the now-melty whatchamajiggers. We're pretty certain that these are the actual technical terms used. Anyhoo, book your adventure and then, put on your hazmat suit and bring a pair of needle-nose pliers and a paper clip to save the day. P.S. No flashlights allowed cuz we're sticklers that way. (Blackout 'can' be played as the second part in a double-feature beginning with Meltdown)


Blackout: A sudden energy surge from a malfunctioning power station short-circuits a service elevator leaving you stranded in a sub-level maintenance area of a nuclear reactor. Working in less-than-ideal conditions, you’ve got to gain access to the emergency staircase, cross the upper elevator shaft, and solve the cooling systems error. Can you get the reactor back online before a catastrophic explosion buries your exit? Designed and built as a sequel from the World-Class “Meltdown” experience, Blackout will test your determination as a survivor! This premium escape adventure immerses you within the story using real-world influenced sets and sensational puzzles that will have your team scrambling for their wits and a flashlight! Blackout requires that some participants be able to climb narrow steps and bend, crawl or kneel in order to complete the mission.

Number of Players: 5-8, minimum of 4
Difficulty: Medium
Completion rate: 38%
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $32pp
Ages: Designed for Adults. Kids 10-16 can participate with adults.