Blackout: A sudden energy surge from a malfunctioning power station short-circuits a service elevator leaving you stranded in a sub-level maintenance area of a nuclear reactor. Working in less-than-ideal conditions, you’ve got to gain access to the emergency staircase, cross the upper elevator shaft, and solve the cooling systems error. Can you get the reactor back online before a catastrophic explosion buries your exit? Designed and built as a sequel from the World-Class “Meltdown” experience, Blackout will test your determination as a survivor! This premium escape adventure immerses you within the story using real-world influenced sets and sensational puzzles that will have your team scrambling for their wits and a flashlight! Blackout requires that some participants be able to climb narrow steps and bend, crawl or kneel in order to complete the mission.

Number of Players: 5-8, minimum of 4
Difficulty: Medium-High
Completion rate: 38%
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $32pp
Ages: 10 & Up. Adults are required to accompany those under 16.