Super important-ish health PSA : (Probably Stupid Announcement)

You ever suddenly get that creepy, skin-tingly sensation for no apparent reason? It starts with an tiny itch. Right there, at the back of your neck. Then you feel it on your upper right arm. Next think you know you see itty-bitty dots on your skin where dots shouldn't be.

You suddenly want your fingernails to be just a little longer and sharper for that scratch as it begins to crawl from the back of your neck to behind your ear. Are you imagining this? Is there a rash? Feverish? Your throat dries a little and you want to cough.... Next thing you know, it's a full blown pandemic! I'll bet you've heard of those? Well, It's probably nuthin'... or is it?

Now whaddaya gonna do, slather a little calamine lotion on it and ignore what's to come? That's what you're thinking, right? You presume that the CDC is 'in the know' and has things under control but, they're probably already taking their own little "dirt nap". Put down the tube of skin cream and get your itchy butt moving so you can stop this contagion from ruining . . . everything.

Put on your hazmat suit (a Hefty bag, if that's all your supplies will allow) and bring a team of 4-7 to the Viral Containment escape. **Everyone is counting on you to figure out a way to concoct an antivirus to contain this nasty virus. No pressure but, little Billy is gonna die if you don't do this RIGHT NOW! So, suck it up, buttercup!

There is only limited Laboratory time so, save the planet by scheduling your experiments pronto! Hey, anything is probably better than Murder Hornets. Just sayin'.

**Everyone: I.E. Planet-wide population of all human-kind. No, we don't exaggerate.

CDC Laboratories - Viral Containment

Viral Containment – CDC Laboratories:  An Accident at the CDC Laboratories has released a contagion capable of wiping out the entire population of earth. Your team must find the only vial of anti-virus located somewhere in the labs but, you have to hurry, the scientists only have 60 minutes before it will be too late.

Number of Players: Number of Players: 4-7, minimum of 3.
Difficulty: Medium
Completion rate: 30%
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $32pp
Ages: 8 & Up. Under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.