What if you could travel back into history to change the world for the better? Where would you go in time and what would you do? First of all, you'd need a time machine for that, right? Well, rumor has it that your future self has already gone back in time . . . er, will go back in time?? (How do you state the future-past? Is it "tomorrow-history"?)

Apparently, there are records that your future-self was/will be in 1898 London and trapped in the railway station workshop of a Dr Robert Felderspoon, known as clankerton and creator of a steam-powered chronographic device. There are stories that you assisted him in repairs and modifications of a 'dark project' machine capable of transporting people through time and space.

So, now the question remains... what if you don't go back in time and make the repairs? Will the world spin into paradoxical retro-futurism and alternative histories? Will you meet your great-grandfather and prevent your current self from ever existing? (Please don't look up your relatives from your current-past during time-travel.. we think it'd be messy.)

So, if you don't own a DeLorean with a flux-capacitor installed, you'll need to visit the SteamPunk Time Machine at Michigan Escape Games in Davison in order to resolve the alternative past to fit the current recorded history. After all, we don't want any paradoxical thingama-whats-its to turn the universe inside out, right? See below to book your future-self into the late 1800's steam era and FIX the analytical engine before smartphones and pizza cease to exist. Really, that could be a thing! (810) 652-6165

Note: Due to the shenanigans of a certain Marty Mcfly, time-travel has been restricted to weekends only... for the time-being. So, log on and book early!

The Steampunk Time Machine

SteamPunk Time Machine:  Through some strange phenomenon, you’ve been transported to a mysterious room at a London railway station in 1898. Are you industrious enough to use the strange objects and contraptions around you to rebuild the Clockworks for the Time Machine and return to the present, or will you be forever trapped in this room of steam-powered techno-wizardry?

Number of Players: 5-8, minimum of 4
Difficulty: High
Completion rate: >21%
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $32pp
Ages: Designed for Adults. Kids 10-16 can participate with adults.