Meltdown (NEW!)

Meltdown: Your tour of a refurbished 1970’s era Nuclear Power Plant is suddenly interrupted when a malfunction occurs within the reactor. Now you’re stuck in the control center, which is in lockdown mode to contain the breach, and you’ve got to get to the core to manually shut it down! Can you gather your wits and stop the meltdown before the reactor reaches critical stage turning you and your friends into radioactive toast? Designed and built to compete with the best Escape Games in the world, this premium escape adventure will immerse you within the story with real-world influenced sets and situational puzzles that could make your team crack under pressure! Meltdown will require 1-2 participants to be able to climb a ladder and crawl or kneel in order to complete the mission.

Number of Players: 5-8, minimum of 4
Difficulty: Medium-High
Completion rate: 35%
Time: 60 Minutes
Cost: $32pp
Ages: 10 & Up. Adults are required to accompany those under 16.